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You do not like to be sick. It hinders you from going to work and make living, enjoying your family, and from experiencing the best in life. Being sick also puts a strain on your relationships. Being healthy is so much better.

All these things are true concerning your spiritual health also. Most people do not realize how spiritually unhealthy they are, and how that affects every area of their lives. Your fruitfulness as a Christian depends upon your health. God causes growth by his grace as you keep your life free from the spiritual diseases that hinder you. You continue growing as you learn to feed you life with the nutritional spiritual food found in His word, the Bible. Truth and reality feed your spiritual life like healthy food feeds your physical body.

The Healthy Christian Life is attainable if you pursue the truth of the Scripture, and apply it to your life. As a Christian, the grace and life of God is already inside you. Learn to practice those truths that will keep you strong in him.

My desire is that you not only have a Healthy Christian Life and receive all the benefits that come from that, but also to be such an example that you inspire your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to want to know him more.


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